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James Hudec and Summer Roasting are students of the University of Alberta, Augustana Faculty in Camrose, Alberta. Notably, the original structure of the Camrose Lutheran College of the Great War Era, Old Main, still stands on the Augustana, campus.

James Century America bio picJames Hudec is currently completing the second year of a Bachelor of Arts degree, double majoring in History and English. He jumped at the chance to work on the Century America Project and has found the windows that research for the Project has opened into the world of a century ago endlessly fascinating. He has an ongoing love-hate relationship with computers.


Century America Bio picSummer Roasting completed her Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in History, in December of 2014. She will graduate May of 2015. The C.O.P.L.A.C. Century America Project offered Summer an incredibly unique opportunity for acquiring skills in digital history as well as in field research.

Summer and James presented on their experience in the Century America Course at the Second International Undergraduate Research Conference at Augustana, April 28th, 2015.