Honour Wall

Inscription on the Camrose War Memorial (image courtesy of Janine Carroll, Camrose Genealogical Society).

The Camrose Boys:

Sgt. Harry Connor (killed in action)-Colour Sgt. Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry.

Sidney Rowsell-enlisted with 51st battalion, transferred to 49th Highlanders.

Pte. Harold Rowsell (killed in action)-51st Battalion, then transferred to 15th Battalion.

Pte. Jack Crowe

Pte. Brookfield (killed in action)-enlisted with 51st battalion, later transferred to 63rd battalion.

Theo. G. Young (killed in action)-formerly the Camrose Jeweler.

Capt. Vernon Lamb- a field surgeon.

Pte. Jack Thompson (a.k.a. “Dugout Jack”)- formerly with 151st battalion, from Strome, Alberta.

Pte. W. A. Sims-from Avonroy.

Pte. Bemister-enlisted with 196th battalion, transferred to 46th battalion, former employee at the Merchants Bank of Camrose.

Leo Pearce-former CPR operator

Sgt. “Tommie” Nelson (killed in action)-202nd battalion.

Lieut. A Rowley-50th battalion.

J. Doherty-49th battalion.

Pte. Halley Henry-Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry

Pte. Bart Hayfield-49th Canadians.

Pte. Walter Schiedegger-previously with 151st battalion, transferred to 50th battalion, from Heather Brae district.

Pte. Geo. Haworth

L. Corp. E. J. Kennedy

Pte. Jack S. Tarbolton-Royal Flying Corps.

Lance Corp. Maslin

Pte. Harris Hanna

Lance Corp. George Hoover

Pte. J. W. Stamp-enlisted with 196th Western Universities battalion, drafted with 46th battalion, former employee of the Merchants Bank of Camrose.

Pte. McIntyre-151st battalion.

Lieut. H. G. Vickery (killed in action)-formerly in tailoring business and held a seat on Camrose Town Council, then moved to Strome, Alberta.

Pte. Edward T. Lambert

Lieut. Stewart McCulloch-151st battalion, Vimy Ridge hero, from Strome, Alberta.

Pte. Jim Henderson-a machine gunner enlisted with 89th battalion, transferred to 10th battalion, former employee at the Harris Dairy Products Co. in Camrose.

Pte. Tom Henderson-infantry, enlisted with 89th battalion, transferred to 10th battalion.

Pte. William Gilchrist (killed in action)-formerly employee with the Harris Creamery, 89th battalion.

Pte. Geo. Hoover-a Lewis Machine gunner with the 5th Universities (reinforcements for Princess Pats).

Pte. Earl Hoover

Pte. Leroy Churchill-151st battalion, acting corporal, former teacher at Bittern Lake School.

Pte. Harold Gouchee-151st battalion.

Ward-15th battalion, former ledger keeper at Merchants Bank.

Pte. Norman McLeod

Sgt. F. Slight

William Altvater-enlisted with 78th Artillery Battery of Lethbridge, from Bittern Lake.

A. H. Grant-enlisted with the CNR Company (3rd Canadian Division).

S. C. Bailey

Pte. Harold Michael Kennedy (killed in action)-51st battalion, attended Camrose High School, former employee of the C.P.R. Company.

Pte. T. Kennedy-151st battalion.

Pte. Jack Kennedy-196th Camp Hughes.

Cpt. Goddard (killed in action)

Corp. R. E. Hawor

Sgt. E. R. Kirkpatrick